"One Hectic Day"


Jan. 17, 1957. “Today has been one hectic day. We waited in vain for a commercial tower to come for our trailer. We had lunch at the Mayfair Market and finally contacted James Harrison and engaged him to tow the trailer to Anchorage. By this time it was 1:30 PM and we had both worked ourselves up to two jumps from a fit. The fog in Fresno so heavy that it was hard to see 50 feet in any direction.”

Recently while going through my late mothers photos and other small possessions I found a diary that my granny kept while on a road trip from Fresno, California to Anchorage, Alaska. It was in January of 1957. What a treasure! Having recently learned almost TOO much about my family, it was nice to find a slice of something “normal”. The journey was captured in lovely cursive hand writing bound within an old covered notebook. It is a pleasure so see her words and hear her voice while reading.

Sometimes when there is no visible fog, it is still “hard to see 50 feet in any direction.” Opening up the journey. That’s what I am doing. My journey has been going on for eons. I am consciously choosing to open it up, expand it, look at it, share it. Opening up the journey, my journey, for new exploration, to find new reasons and the purpose of meeting others along the way with journeys to share. I am sharing because I want to, not because I am expecting or desiring a certain result. Human conditioning likes jumps in trying to deter me. Not this time. I have thoughts, not thoughts on any one particular subject. Just thoughts that the vast variety of we humans have. Each like a snowflake, no two the same. The byproduct each of us share and all of us have one, is a story.

Inspiration has struck me this day. Don’t question, don’t allow the self doubt to win even the smallest of battles in your mind. Share what you come across, just share. We are all humans made from the smallest of particles, each of us sharing certain amounts of certain particles with each other. Each of us drawn to what will make us go and grow on the adventure of this lifetime. What is it that makes us each choose our way? Is is the particles we are made up of? The individuals we meet along the way? Fate? The questions come and go.