What do you Do?

Ah my most asked question. That question leaves me frozen for an answer every time. Sometimes its me asking the question. What DO I do? Well mostly I am creating which includes having ideas and planning for glass work, mixed media canvas work, SoulCollage® workshops, the next meal, or what flower I might plant as my main show off next summer. Taking care of my current family of four keeps me busy. There is a lot of time involved in being available. I maintain a yard and garden and two dogs My husband and I also have a business that requires some of my attention.

How are your kids doing?

Yes, I do get that question often. They are all doing well. I have five of them. The three oldest are my biologicals. They are three amazing individuals. Good men living their lives doing what they want. Four and five are my bonus kids. They too are amazing individuals. Two good people questioning and choosing their direction in this world.

Whats the best thing that ever happened to you?

Searching for a very long time and finally finding out who I am. Literally and figuratively.


How long have you been doing stained glass?

Currently I can claim 18 years of sharing my glass work. I started by using my tax return to take a class all those years ago. Starting with making glass snowflakes for Holiday Bazaars, I was able to provide a little more for my sons. I have always been creative and loved quilting along with other “old time” arts. I somehow think this love for how color plays out in finished work intrigues me. Cut it up and put it back together with a completely different intention.

If you could do Anything you wanted what would you do?