If you were to ask me what I do I would answer this way, “I create, I search, I love, I forgive, I write, I garden, I farm, I teach, I heal, I learn, I share, I march forward, and so much more.”

If you were to ask me who I am I would answer this way. “ I am an artist, a healer, a mother, a wife, a friend, a teacher, a farmer, a student, a volunteer, an explorer, a seeker, a SoulCollage® Facilitator, an Airbnb Super Host and whoever else I need to be.”

None of us, not one can be defined simply. It is my belief that because we are undeniably amazing and diverse Creations we all have the power of Creative Energy in us. All capable of great things. All prisms of light.

The traditional Tiffany copper foil method of glass work was my main medium for 18 years or so. Always having had an interest in what I call the “old time arts” I have taken several of them up over the years such as soap making, sewing, quilting, cooking, husbandry, beading etc. I am a member of PAA Peninsula Arts Association and look forward to getting to know the other artists on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State where my husband and I have an Airbnb home called The 46th Parallel.

Over the years I have grown fond of many mediums and creating mixed media canvas work came into my life. Most of my work relates to nature in some way. Being in the forest, on the beach, in the mountains, on the lakes and rivers is pure joy. My soul feels bonded to the moss, the mushrooms, the ever changing forest floor, the horizon where the sea meet the sky oh gosh the entirety of it! I enjoy taking a variety of art classes. Learning about and exploring color and how it affects us is fascinating to me.

I am currently working on writing my life story. After 50 years in this lifetime it came to light that the man who was my father was not my father after all. After some awesome visits with my therapist and an extensive search my bio family was born. There are no coincidences. My intention in putting it all down on paper is to have my children know and understand who I am so they can better understand themselves and the parts of the journey we are on together.

Finding forgiveness and a deeper understanding of my walk this lifetime has given me an amazing sense of freedom. We all have our story, our walk, our journey and so much to learn within that time. To deny the learning and awareness is an insult to time.

During the time my husband and I were searching for my family I was introduced to SoulCollage® I attended a local workshop and really felt the benefit of the process in my life. It was at Breitenbush Hot Springs for SoulCollage® workshop when I decided to become a Facilitator for SoulCollage® so I could gain a deeper understanding about the process of SoulCollage®. Sharing it with others is my privilege and honor.